Transforming idle lawns into networks of backyard organic farms.

Goods and Services for Backyard Farms

Planning and Design


Free phone consult, while a design review and sketch runs $275.  We will help customers in planned developments with HOA paperwork.  Veteran urban farmers receive free consults.

Raised Bed Garden Install


Design, construction, and installation of raised beds, usually for less than $1K.  No-cost integration into our network of backyard vegetable gardens.

Garden Service and Harvesting


 No time to tend to an organic garden?  No sweat, we provide care for your garden and harvest like it was our own yard. 

Irrigation Systems


We install (lead-free) rain harvesting mechanisms to help you irrigate your organic garden-save water and grow pure food.

Composting Services


  Food waste in landfills contributes to climate change: divert most of your household food waste to compost for your organic garden soil. 

Seed Bank and Farm Networking


We are building an organic community  seed bank and can help you manage your harvest, including canning and dehydration.

What's the Deal?

The land area of American lawns is at least three times larger than the largest US crop (corn).  The space around your home can be transformed and linked to a network of organic backyard gardens that become backyard farms.  We want to make that happen, and in the process help our neighbors become more productive, healthier and self-sufficient along the way.  You can start building an organic system that reduces food waste, builds soil ecosystems, and nourishes your family by joining our network of flourishing gardens.  The more participants in the network, the greater selections of harvested items.  We will get there, one yard, patio, and balcony at a time.

Get Started

Join our backyard farm network. Transform your space, become a producer.

Backyard Farm and Foods

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